Publisher Weekly says, “Planet Dora is well crafted, with a variety of biomes that allows Klaus to present an ecological message more nuanced than her plot and characterization would imply.” This is true. The novel is dedicated to our vanishing wildlife. It’s written from a game animal’s perspective of mankind and its destructive war on nature. Like an adult version of Bambi, the story is about harpies, a part-bird, part-mortal species perplexed by cruel humans who hunt and kill them for their trophy wings. Besides a fantasy, this story is a mystery, thriller, and about forbidden love. Sun Coast Media Group said, “…could easily compete against some of today’s best seller.” That would be very nice if it did, but more importantly, I’m hoping readers take my message to heart and stop destroying our own environment. Tor Books will release the novel on June 17, 2014


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