Hi, I’m Susan Klaus, the author of Secretariat Reborn, a thriller that will be released by Oceanview Publishing in Oct. and my fantasy novel, Flight of the Golden Harpy, published by Tor, will be available next year. Besides my blog, I hope you’ll visit my characters’ blogs, Christian in Secretariat Reborn, who’s a decent, good-looking young man, but a bit of a bad boy.  And Shail in Flight of the Golden Harpy.  He’s a noble male harpy, part-bird, part-mortal of a jungle planet, but he’s also an innocent, fearing and not understanding mankind. I love both my boys and am sure you will too. Along with writing, I’m the host and co-producer of a web radio show called the Authors Connection, heard on radioearnetwork.com, and the founder and president of the Sarasota Authors Connection club. To learn more about me, checkout my website at susanklaus.com.


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  1. Hey, Mike,
    Glad you like the new website. Joe Jacobson, my web guy, worked hard on it and went through the steps, teaching me how to blog. I can write a book, but am an idiot when it comes to computers. Yesterday, started another fantasy novel involving mermaids. So busy again.

  2. Susan,
    What a terriffic, professional looking site! I love it. The pictures are perfect. You are amazing and soon will be famous.

    • Thanks, Janet, but famous, amazing? I’m not so sure. Finish your book, you’re an incredible writer, and the one of the nicest persons I’ve had the pleasure and luck of knowing.

  3. Last weekend went to 139th Kentucky Derby with my son. Was wet, but had a great time. I met and gave my novel, “Secretariat Reborn” to Ron Turcotte, Secretariat’s jockey. Would be nice to get a book blurb from him. I’m also up for consideration of doing a book signing at next year’s Derby…a hundred and sixty thousand horse lovers, that would be terrific, might sell a few books. Keeping my fingers crossed.

  4. Started a new novel, though not a thriller or fantasy. It’s about cats, their joys, fears, hardships, realistically told with no fluff. Have owned plenty, just ask my ex-husbands, and I was founder and president for 8yrs of the local cat club in Sarasota, so I know the subject and figured it time to put my cat knowledge in print. Hoping to do for cats what “Black Beauty” did for horses, tug on the emotional strings, but that’s a big goal…writer insecurity kicking in.

    • Thanks, Randy. Hope to see you at the “Secretariat Reborn” launch party, Oct. 16, 4 to 7 PM at the Sarasota Sailing Squadron on City Island. Some of the story takes place in the Squadron clubhouse, and my boy, Christian, lives aboard a sloop offshore, so appropriate place. Should be a good time. Also could use some advice on Social Media…know you were successful in getting your Willful Women books out there.

  5. Hey, I just learned that the audience for radioearnetwork.com and my Authors Connection Show has jumped from 15 million listeners to 18. Hot dog.

  6. The site sounds good and might sign up when the novel, “Secretariat Reborn” comes out in Oct. Right now the book can be preordered on Amazon, but still…readers might get put off if they have to wait a few months.

  7. Thanks, David. Actually I do get a lot of blogs to my website, at least 20 a day. Most are directed at Christian’s blog, my protagonist in Secretariat Reborn. I don’t post them since the majority are spam. Still can’t figure why he’s getting most the hits…maybe because he’s so cute.

  8. Wow, incredible blog layout! How long have you been blogging for? you made blogging look easy. The overall look of your web site is excellent, as well as the content!. Thanks For Your article about horseracing thriller novel .

    • Thanks, Santos, for the post. I was beginning to think I didn’t exist since my book characters in Secretariat Reborn & Flight of the Golden Harpy also have blogs on my website, and they get more love than me, especially Christian. He’s very popular, sometimes getting 20 blogs a day. Of course, the boys are charming and very handsome.

  9. I was on my site this morning and had about 35 posts. Went to town and came home and checked again. Wow, 375 Posts! Of course most were aimed at my boys, Christian and Shail, my characters. Now wouldn’t it be great if that many bloggers in a few hours bought my novels? But going through all these posts daily, I don’t have time to write books.

    • I read a good review in Publishers Weekly on my novel, Secretariat Reborn and another in Flashfiction and Kentucky Derby Trips blog. Things are heated up. Three weeks until the book release Oct. 1. Getting exciting!

  10. Well, my blog is quiet now. No more spam. I had to install Akimet since my boys and I were getting up to 1000 posts a day. It was fun when a couple of hundred, but got out of control. So if you blog to me, I’m sorry you have to go through the process of proving you’re real and not a machine.

  11. Wow! It’s been a hectic several months, promoting “Secretariat Reborn” at book signing, doing edits on “Flight of the Golden Harpy” and “Shark Fin Soup” coming out this summer, going to Fl. Writers Conference, Orlando, Miami Inter. Book Fair, taping authors for my radio show, club meetings and let’s not forget the parties I’ve hosted, book launch at the Sailing Squadron, 30 family members for Thanksgiving, and the Sarasota Authors Connection Christmas Party at my farm. Whew! It’s New Years Eve and I’ve been invited to several places to celebrate, but I ain’t going anywhere…Kicking back and enjoying the peace and quiet with the wildlife, 3 does in backyard, caracara birds by my car, and raccoons sitting at the side door waiting for a handout. Now this is my kind of party.

    • Still busy with doing the final proof on Flight of the Golden Harpy plus dedication and acknowledgements. I know some will be shaking their heads, but dedicated the novel to Brad. He’s my muse and inspiration. And deserves it. Call me nuts but at this stag in my life, I don’t care. I’m having fun with him and the books. I’m also proofing Shark Fin Soup at the same time. I’m just hoping my eyesight holds out after a 1000 pages. You’ll approve of this one’s dedication, going to Steve Erwin, the Crocodile Hunter. He’s the first one to bring the horror of shark finning to the world’s attention. What a great guy and champion for wildlife, truly missed.

  12. I’m now rewriting the fantasy sequel to Flight of the Golden Harpy. Changed the hook and beginning and I’m getting reacquainted with Shail, my male golden harpy. Been so involved with Christian, my thriller protagonist, I’d forgotten how gorgeous and sexy Shail is. He’s truly perfection with wings. Hope to have it done by this summer before Flight and Shark Fin Soup come out. Smoking cigarettes like crazy and stayin’ busy.

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