Hey, I’m Christian Roberts, a frigging character in a suspense/thriller book called Secretariat Reborn. An author dreamed me up when spending twelve hours with Brad Pitt on a movie set, so I supposedly look like the guy, except I’m taller, six-two and younger, in my twenties. It’s nice, looking like Pitt, when meeting girls but can be a hassle. One good thing about being a protagonist is I don’t age, but I’m at the mercy of this author, Klaus. She gets bored with me and I’m a goner. I’ve actually come close a few times. Anyway, I was born in Florida and I’m a sailor, love the water and my sloop, but my sick dad gave me a racehorse. Man, that’s a hell of a trip, going there. Course, you want to know¬†more, buy the book, Secretariat Reborn, comes out in Oct. So, you all give me a shout if you want to know about Florida, fishing, sailing or a good place to eat in Sarasota. I’m your man. I’m also into saving wildlife. Oh, wait, that’s another book not yet published. See ya.


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  1. Thanks, glad you like it. Gearing-up, my story, Secretariat Reborn comes out in October, not too far off. Just hope the hurricanes down here are over by then. Could make for one wet book launch on Sarasota Bay.

  2. Glad you think the site is fantastic, but man, been inundated with blog trash; septic tanks, jogging, how a toaster works. What a pain. Any suggestions on getting rid of this web garbage? Social Media…rather be sailing.

  3. Got an awesome email from David Hagberg about my book, Secretariat Reborn. If you’re a thrill reader, you’d know he’s a N.Y. Times best seller with over 80 novels. Anyway, after reading about my nail-biting adventure into horse racing, he said he loved it, excellent novel, and couldn’t put it down. Said it’d make a great movie. He was also impressed with the author, Susan Klaus, something about a strong voice and so on. Just thought that was cool, a big shot liking my story.

  4. What’s up, Peg? Glad you think my site is excellent, superb. Rainin’ like crazy here in Florida, but heck it is summer…just hope it clears for 4th of July fireworks. Sitting on the bay, rum & Coke in hand, watching the night show…can’t think of a better place to be.

  5. I was told that some of these posts are spam, but who cares. I’m getting more hits than the fantasy book, “Flight of the Golden Harpy” on this site. Proves that having wings isn’t everything, Shail.

  6. This is so great, 42 real posts and my novel, “Secretariat Reborn”, isn’t even out yet. October 1st, you all, save the date. Reviewers are saying nice things including some best sellers. Venice newspaper feature editor, Kim Cool, said she couldn’t put the book down. Now that is cool!!!

  7. Wow, getting some great feed about from my site. Appreciate it, guys. Hope you all will checkout my story, “Secretariat Reborn” on Amazon. Novel comes out in Oct. Answers the question; What if Secretariat was cloned? Cool and unique thriller.

    • Hey, Jane, you don’t know me, at least not yet. I’m Christian, the protagonist in “Secretariat Reborn.” I’ve heard you’re a fan of Shail, the winged guy in “Flight of the Golden Harpy”, but I think you’ll also enjoy hang in with me. Been told numerous times, people can’t put my book down. Will checkout the spam filter, although some days spam is better than nothin’. Stay cool in this Florida heat and thanks for the info.

  8. Man, I’m starting to get a complex, like there’s a rumor going around. I keep getting posts about premature ejaculation. Of course I trash those posts, but for the record, I don’t have that problem!!!
    Read my frigging book, “Secretariat Reborn” and you’ll see. I’ve never have had a complaint in that area.

  9. Jeez, getting a lot of traffic in posts today, over 400. What’s going on? Anyway thought I’d write a little about my thrill novel. For 7 years horses have been cloned, but it’s illegal to race them. Now what’s a guy to do when his dying father gives him a clone of a legendary race horse? That’s the story, “Secretariat Reborn” Comes out Oct. 1

    • Hey, Paula, this here’s Christian, the guy in “Secretariat Reborn.” Yeah, it is a unique story, the cloning of the fastest racehorse to ever live, but of course I nearly die, but what the heck. Glad you can make the launch at my stopping grounds, Sarasota Sailing Squadron Oct. 16. Should be one hell’ve a party. The book is pretty good too.

      • Counting down the days, 39 until my story, Secretariat Reborn is out Oct. 1st. Got a twitter from a lady in Ireland, saying she read and enjoyed it. That’s way cool getting attention from way over there.

        • Secretariat Reborn is a galloping read and a winner says a Flash Fiction review. And Publisher Weekly said the story works thanks to Klaus’s infectious love of the Florida setting, the horse-breeding milieu, and her handsome protagonist. That’s me, the handsome protagonist. Shoot, Klaus better cut me in on some of profits from this book since I’m just as important as the horse.

          • It’s coming up, 5 more days to the release date, Oct. 1 for Secretariat Reborn, starring me. Getting ready to party while the author works signing books all over. Glad I’m not her. I also learned that Oceanview Publishing has optioned the sequel “Shark Fin Soup.” What a story. I thought my life was difficult in the horse book, but this one’s a killer. I lose it. That novel comes out August, 2014 and just in time for Shark Week on Discovery. Darn, I getting to be a busy guy.

    • Thanks so much, Wayne. Hope you can make the book launch party Oct. 16, 4 – 7 PM at the Sarasota Sailing Squadron on City Island. It wouldn’t be a party without you and Susan.

    • Thanks, Pete. Glad you liked my story. If you think this is a page turner, wait until you read the sequel, “Shark Fin Soup” coming out in August. I really get into hot water. Christian

    • Thanks, Pete, for the WOW. If you think Secretariat Reborn was a page-turner, wait until you read the sequel, Shark Fin Soup that comes out in August. It rips the pages right out of the book.

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