That’s the newest review on Secretariat Reborn. Are you believing it? All kinds of great reviews are pouring in. I’m starting to think that this author, Susan Klaus, knows her stuff; horse racing, Florida, sailing, and killing people when she wrote about me and my story. Even some movie producers have read the book. Shoot, me, Christian Roberts might get famous in the end. And if you think Secretariat Reborn is a hoot, wait until you read the sequel. Shark Fin Soup that comes out next August…extremely intense and emotional. Plus I’m way cooler.

In between now and August, Shail is bringing out his fantasy story, Flight of the Golden Harpy, by Susan Klaus and published by Tor on June 17, 2014. Klaus keeps calling it her masterpiece. So the guy has wings and can fly. Big deal. We’re identical in looks, young Brad Pitt copies. Actually, I’m not sure why I’m plugging his book, but then, I have no choice.  I’m only a character in a novel and controlled by the author.


“This is absolutely one of the best books – of any kind – that I have read this year.” Tulsa Book Review — No Comments

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